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The Next Gen in Greeting Cards

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Love Scenes

Moments in Love

Say What You Need To Say

You really want to give the love of your life something special but you don't know how to show how much you love them. will help you express how you really feel in love letters written as a scene in a movie!


You pick the genre and we'll work with you to create a unique, heartfelt expression of your love.


Produced Hollywood screenwriter, playwright and Virtual Reality writer/producer, Ben Morris, will work with you to craft a love scene that expresses how you really feel, whether it be a "Just Because" where you appreciate them or you want to say "I'm Sorry" for being a hairy beast!


Incorporate your own experiences in your own words, share your memories, express your hopes and dreams in ways you never thought possible!


You can put yourselves into whatever world you create to show that no matter what, your love will stand the test of time.


He or she will be blown away that you put so much thought and love into their gift!

Love Scene

Love Notes & More!

If you want to go the traditional route and have us craft a customized Love Note, we can do that too!


Instead of sending a store bought card, we will help you provide a personalized gift combo that's from your heart.


Each Love Scene or Love Note will contain our signature phrase, "Love You Muchly."

Privacy - Due to the personal nature, we will never publish your love letters for any reason.


Content - G to PG-13 only.  Please and Thank you.


Ladies - We're not going to let him get away with "Yeah, I uh, love you and stuff.

You know." That's the problem - she doesn't know! If she does, she needs to be reminded of your love. All. The. Time. For Real.


Men - We won't let women get all crazy in fantasy land and "noodle" with a long, drawn out story. We'll help her get to the point!



1) Choose Love Scene or Love Note

2) Chose another one of our items for a perfect gift combination

3) Check out!

4) Once your payment has been received, you will be emailed a link to a detailed questionnaire that allows you to choose the category (Mother's Day, Anniversary, Just Because etc), genre of your love scene (romantic drama, romantic comedy, action/adventure, animation etc) and what you really want to say in your love scene or love note.


We will be working with you one on one to ensure the Love Scene or Love Note is exactly what you want. Yes, you actually have to put some work into this but it will be so worth it!


Love Scenes - 2-3 page limit.  


Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Rush orders are available.


Creative content will be original and will not contain previously copyrighted content or characters.  If you want to be a super hero in your scene, we'll help you create your own!  We will not use published songs or poems but they can be your inspiration.

Love Note

Love Bytes

What's a Love Byte?


So glad you asked!


As a result of the current global pandemic, we have pivoted toward offering a more affordable way to connect and/or reconnect with the ones you love in unique, heartfelt ways.


Love Bytes are short, pre-produced video clips (10 sec - 90 sec, produced in-house) that you can customize with your own pictures, videos and even text to provide your loved ones a treasured gift.


We write and produce "digital greeting cards" that are templates designed for you to customize (within limits) to your liking.

love bytes digital greeting card

Video Love Scenes

For those that want to go above and beyond, we are offering the option to turn your Love Scene into a short film!

Through The Way Capital's production division, we will produce, cast, shoot and edit your Love Scene and deliver it as an MP4 file.

Film Set
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